Finding My Way Home Workshop 回歸自我旅途工作坊


“Finding My Way Home” is a ColourFool certified workshop to prepare our mind-body-spirit for the Holistic Coach Certified Training.

Members of public are welcome to join.

In contrary to common beliefs about the body or the false perception of lower chakras, identifying these aspects as the hindrance towards spirituality and enlightenment, our temple dwells the kingdom of heaven. The ultimate mastery of all human being is through this physical body, the vehicle of connections for every human experience. This unique experience of manifestation of form and expression of purpose is only possible through this vehicle. Our society can never function properly without various bodies (or organisations).

We often become detached from our body because of prolong period of stress that we are experiencing and trauma that we have experienced in our life. It can cause physical and emotional issues if not dealt with promptly. The ability to develop healthy intimate relationship, higher EQ, vitality and fitness requires full bodily presence and self or internal awareness.

Are you a “King” or a “Dictator” towards your own body?The relationship with our own physical system is crucial towards our personal growth and evolution. How do we establish a deeper connection? What can we do to improve our health (the body)? How can we stay emotionally balanced? Where can we find a healthy strong relationship?

In this 2 days’ workshop you will discover more than your physical body, beyond your energetic presence, and right into the core of your being. It is entirely experiential and applicable to daily life.

Topics to be covered:
– Recognising Presence
– Reconnecting to the Breath of Life
– Concepts of Full Body Awareness
– Activating the Flow
– Tapping Internal Resources
– Being Present to Love
– Intellectual Concepts Integration Process (Mind-Body Medicine)
– Relaxation Techniques (visualization, sound, touch, smell, taste)
– Holistic Healing Concepts



– 這是一個ColourFool認証工作坊,為裝備個人身心靈以成為整全人身教練的認証訓練.






– 識別臨在
– 重新連結生命的呼吸
– 整體覺知的概念
– 激活生命流動
– 連接內在資源
– 當下存在的愛
– 思維/概念落實過程(身腦療癒)
– 放鬆練習(觀想、聲音、觸感、氣味、味道)
– 整全療癒概念


導師: Cornelius Chan

I am a passionate consciousness explorer and a “Conscious Evolutionaries”; my adventure began as an epidemiologist trained from Monash University; a medical scientist that studies the transmission and control of viral epidemics. Years later my work on the impact of HIV/AIDS have led me to look at the psychology behind human behavior and the entire social cultural dynamics for the prevention of disease.

I was then trained as a trainer of UNDP (United Nation Development Programme) in Community Capacity Enhancement through Community Conversation, which gave me a wide spectrum of expertise in the area of personal and community empowerment and the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life for the past 10 years.

A unique synthesis of the spirituality, medical science, social science, psychotherapy and metaphysics; my approach to life and healing work is a “wholelistic” and Integral one that enables me to cut through the abyss of bewilderment of human life in this world of increasing complexity.

I am the Founder of ColourFool Creative Life Coaching Training. An Aura-Soma® Level III Practitioner, and Reiki Practitioner. I have also gained certification from Sophia College of Counselling in Colour & Sound Therapy. I have obtained certificate from LCCH in Clinical Hypnosis. I am also familiar with The Body Talk System™, Quantum Touch, Bach Flowers Remedies, Australian Bush Flower Essences and Sea & Butterfly Essences (Aura-Soma®).
Over the years, I have created a few of my own courses and workshops; ColourFool Creative Life Coaching Training, Flower Essences Training, Inner Comfort Technique, Chakras Massage with Exotic Oils Collection. My work integrates spiritual & vibrational healing approaches into psychotherapy techniques using human’s natural modalities in identifying the core issues, tapping into positive resources and achieving therapeutic resonance. My approach is transformative and empowering.


日期: 2015年3月7日 (週六) 及 3月8日 (週日) 共2天
時間:10:00 – 17:00
地點:上環 (詳細稍後公佈)

費用: HK$3,000/位
2月22日前報名早鳥優惠: $2,500/位




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