Private session with Cornelius Chan

Cornelius Chan老師將於10月11-27日來港授課及舉辦講座,並提供個人諮商及療癒服務.

Cornelius Chan

He is a mind-body-spirit coach and creative therapist using colour and art as a tool.
Founder of ColourFool Creative Life Coaching Training Programme.
Founder of Inner Comfort technique.
Australian Bush Flower Essence practitioner.
ZenNaTai Transformation Touch practitioner.
Himalayan Master Healing Bowl sound therapist.

Private Session:

Bodywork (50 min) HK$1000
(book 3 sessions for 15% DISCOUNT)

Your body will be assessed on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Client will be suggested a routine and the therapist will work intuitively in order to restore the wellbeing of the four bodies. The session will include a combination of various techniques such as Inner Comfort Technique, Singing Bowl, ZenNaTai Transformation Touch, Raindrop technique, Colour & Light Healing. Please wear comfortable clothing, preferably cotton.


ColourFool Creative Therapy (110 min) HK$2000
(book 2 sessions for 10% DISCOUNT)

In this session we are going to address deep rooted issue and processing of suppressed emotions due to past trauma, grief & loss, unexpected event in life (shocked). It is also highly recommended to those who are currently finding themselves at a crossroad or getting stuck in a situation. In the session itself we will explore the root cause of your issue and guiding you to acknowledge what is. We will also tap into the unlimited inner resources to foster the new change.

The process involves working with art materials such as oil pastel, water colour, modelling clay, etc. Please be prepared to look deep into yourself and be honestly sincere to your being. An innocent child-like attitude is a desirable trait to achieve optimum outcome.

Private Reading Session:

Spiral Living with tarot, numerology and colour (1hr) HK$1000

Life is a spiral of consciousness evolution. What seems to be the hardship of life can sometimes be blessing in disguise. How can we tell and how do we know?

If you long to have a map on you journey this might be the one you are looking for. Let the spiral open you up to new possibilities and new life opportunities.

Please prepare 3 questions regarding yourself and concerning your own life.


 Journey into the Tree of Life (1hr30mins) HK$1500

Gaining clarity of your path.

Identify where you are stuck and what is holding you back.

Where are you now and where are you heading in the next 6 months?

What gives you strengths and what lifts you up?

How to approach your goal with conviction?

I will take you for a walk through your journey on the tree of life. Opening up you eyes and mind to know for yourself of what is being unfold. A peep into your own contract as a co-creator.


Note that the client often may need more than one session to complete the healing process. I will leave it up to you if a discounted rate is to be applied for such cases.


歡迎查詢及預約諮商,請聯絡Wendy Cheng 97302070
or Email:

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