Private session with Cornelius Chan, 2015

Cornelius Chan 老師將於 3月5-10日來港授課,並提供個人諮商及療癒服務.(中文可)

Cornelius Chan

He is a mind-body-spirit coach and creative therapist using colour and art as a tool.
Founder of ColourFool Creative Life Coaching Training Programme.
Founder of Inner Comfort technique.
Australian Bush Flower Essence practitioner.
ZenNaTai Transformation Touch practitioner.
Himalayan Master Healing Bowl sound therapist.

Private Session:

ColourFool Core Issues Clearing (60 min)

This is a facilitated process, in order to get to where you wanted to be, by aligning with who you are and what your destiny is.Sometimes we have difficulty shifting into a new role and life forces us to do so. Yet other times we do not know where we are heading to and there seemed to be something hindering us from moving forward. Or we may have developed a pattern along the way that is now an obstacles in our new venture. Ifyou are in the following situations, you might need a session:

1. Approaching a roadblock in life?
2. Standing at a crossroads, lost and confused?
3. Trapped in an undesirable situation?
4. Not knowing where to begin to sort things out?
5. Have been trying to make changes but wonder why were not successful?

You don’t have to do it alone, reach out and you will find that there are supports to help you bridge that gap. How you do one thing is how you do everything, therefore we can explore the possibilities in all areas of life such as career, money, love, family, spiritual advancement, behavioural pattern, or life purpose.


ColourFoolSoul Mapping (60 min)

Mirror of the Soul is a consultation that takes you into the world of colour, explore where you are on your life journey and help you to figure out the deeper meaning of the current life experiences. What to expect from such session:

1. Mapping your current situation and the path of your journey
2. Find out what is stopping you from moving forward and how to overcome it
3. Gain clarity about the core issue
4. Get a glimpse of what lies before you along the journey of life

Through your choice of colours, you will be amazed by what they can reveal. A map will be presented to you yet it is up to you to take the steps as interpreted. You might want to bring a notebook to jot down the important points. If you want maximum benefit out of this session, come with an open mind and open heart.


Body-Energetics (Inner Comfort Technique/Raindrop Technique/Abdominal Detox) (60 min)

Physical blockage can hinder your integration of spiritual experiences or the healing of the mind and heart. If you have said to yourself “I know I need to change but I cannot drag myself to move on”? Here is your opportunity to explore what is holding you back physically and unlock those blockages through these techniques. If you have an unresolved condition

1. Improved Qi flow
2. Stimulating and improving organ function
3. Relaxation and rejuvenation
4. Detoxifying the body
5. Promote body intelligence to self-heal

Lifestyle, exercise and diet are taken into consideration and will be explored accordingly at the end of the session. Please wear loose clothing and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Schedule your day so that you may have a good rest right after the session. You may want to take lighter meal to facilitate the body’s detoxification process.


Note that the client often may need more than one session to complete the healing process. I will leave it up to you if a discounted rate is to be applied for such cases.

Rate : HK$1500/hr or book 3x 1hr sessions for HK$3330.


歡迎查詢及預約諮商,請聯絡Wendy Cheng 9730-2070
or Email:

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