ColourFool Life Program色彩愚者生命課程 2014

Inspire, Empower & Reinvent! A life-long learning programme of re-educating ourselves about our body, our mind and our life. Modern life has taken passion out of life and replaces it with survival responses. Everyone is dreaming about a life without health problem, emotional struggle or socio- political issues; but how do we create that? It has to start from every one of us. Rediscover ourselves, reinvent ourselves so that we may recreate the reality of life that we are currently experiencing.


12 weekend modules taking you through the journey of the wise one traveling the rainbow spiral in fulfilling a purposeful life.



Module 1 – Awareness and Presence 覺知與存在感

This module reflects the consciousness of the Red wavelength. The exploration of our physical reality and the world we lived in, established the foundation of mind-body-spirit realignment; the body.


Topics Covered 課程內容:

Red Consciousness: From Passion To Compassion 紅色意識-有熱誠到慈悲

– Body Scan through painting 彩繪式身體掃描
– Intuitive Scan: Heart 自覺掃描 : 心臟
– Total Body Relaxation 徹底放鬆練習
– Concepts of Awareness 覺知的認知
– Awareness Of The Body 身的覺知
– Meridian Activation 經絡拍打
– Micro Cosmic Orbit Breathing 小周天呼吸法
– Mirror Breathing: Body 鏡子:身的觀照
– Prostration 大禮拜
– Love Is Not Just a Feeling 愛不止是感覺
– New-Trition 飲食新知


Module 2 – Feelings & Acceptance 感受與接受

This module reflects the consciousness of the Yellow wavelength. Accessing the most powerful center of human experience, the heart. Feeling of true feeling is a powerful experience and a life changing moment.


Topics Covered 課程內容:

Yellow Consciousness: From Knowledge to Application 黃色意識-由知識到運用

– Emotional Literacy 情緒解釋能力
– Awareness of Our Emotions 心的覺知
– Manifesting with E-motion 心動力的感染
– Colour Dictionary 色彩情緒字典
– Mirror Breathing: Heart 鏡子:心的觀照
– Anger Management 憤怒的處理
– Sadness & Grief 哀傷與悲痛
– Joy And Challenges of Joy 喜悅與其障礙
– Positive Resources 正面資糧
– Uplifting Mood & Staying Positive 情緒提昇與保持正面
– Joy Is The Power of Innocent Child 喜悅是天真孩童的大能



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導師 Cornelius Chan

Cornelius Chan is a passionate consciousness explorer and a “Conscious Evolutionaries”; his adventure began as an epidemiologist trained from Monash University; a medical scientist that studies the transmission and control of viral epidemics. Years later his work on the impact of HIV/AIDS have led him to look at the psychology behind human behavior and the entire social cultural dynamics for the prevention of disease.

I was then trained as a trainer of UNDP (United Nation Development Programme) in Community Capacity Enhancement through Community Conversation, which gave me a wide spectrum of expertise in the area of personal and community empowerment and the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life for the past 10 years.

A unique synthesis of the spirituality, medical science, social science, psychotherapy and metaphysics; his approach to life and healing work is a “wholelistic” and Integral one that enables me to cut through the abyss of bewilderment of human life in this world of increasing complexity.

He is the Founder of ColourFool Creative Life Coaching Training. An Aura-Soma® Level III Practitioner, and Reiki Practitioner. He have also gained certification from Sophia College of Counselling in Colour & Sound Therapy. He have obtained certificate from LCCH in Clinical Hypnosis. He also familiar with The Body Talk System™, Quantum Touch, Bach Flowers Remedies, Australian Bush Flower Essences and Sea & Butterfly Essences (Aura-Soma®).

Over the years, he have created a few of his own courses and workshops; ColourFool Creative Life Coaching Training, Flower Essences Training, Inner Comfort Technique, Chakras Massage with Exotic Oils Collection. His work integrates spiritual & vibrational healing approaches into psychotherapy techniques using human’s natural modalities in identifying the core issues, tapping into positive resources and achieving therapeutic resonance. His approach is transformative and empowering.


Module 1 – Awareness and Presence 覺知與存在感
日期:2014年11月22 & 23日
時間:10:00 – 18:00
費用: $3000 /位

Module 2 – Feelings & Acceptance 感受與接受
日期:2014年11月29 & 30日
時間:10:00 – 18:00
費用: $3000 /位

*** Module 1 + 2 同時報讀優惠
特價 HK$5000 /位
11月9日前報名, 早鳥優惠價 HK$4500 /位

歡迎查詢或報名,請電郵至 或 97302070.

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