Sound Meditation in Full Moon 13/6/2014

6月13日,Sound Meditation in Full Moon.



滿月Full Moon的能量是強大的,我們會較易情緒波動,情緒的反應更容易被發現和處理到,所以在當日進行的情緒療癒會能夠更深入和徹底.

當晚我們會配以Young Living的配方精油 RutaVaLa進行Sound Meditation.

“This oil can rebalance the energies levels of the body. Especially where the energies have become very depleted because of extreme stress, anxiety or emotional trauma.
For those who are carrying grief, sorrow and regret, RutaVaLa can help release those emotions, balance the emotional bodies and help us become more fully present.
Remember, we store deep grief in the heart and particularly the lungs, so we may find that our heart chakra is constricted or blocked. As the heart energy is allowed to expand again, the lungs will be released and our connection to the divine will be re-established.”


我們會安排 Sound Meditation,邀請您前來,一起在Tibetan Singing Bowl的頌缽聲下進行滿月靜心.


時間:7:30-9:00 pm


地點:九龍佐敦彌敦道379號金勳大廈 (近 永安百貨)

*因座位有限,請於 11/6前確認留位,多謝合作!

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